Thanks for buying my house in Spruce Grove. I was so sick and tired of tenants, and how dirty and rundown my house had become from them. And, then I was transferred. I didn’t want to be an absentee landlord.  It was just time to sell.

I was frustrated with the market, and the condition of the property, and so I started looking online. There were quite a few companies, but I was the most comfortable with you guys, from your years in business, and all the good recommendations.  Also, I knew I should deal with you guys, because you were professional, and had bought so many houses. Through the process, you kept in touch with me to make sure I had all the paperwork and information I needed to complete the sale.  And, even in spite of the condition of the property, I got some cash from the sale to clear up a few bills. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants a quick sale with no hassles. Thanks for all you help!

Nathan C., Spruce Grove, AB