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Do You Suddenly Have To Leave and Sell Your House Fast?

One minute things are settled…and the next, your world turns inside out. You have to move and sell your house, and soon! The problem is, real estate agents often take months to sell a house.

Many agents will ask you to de-clutter, paint, get the property ready for sale, list it, and wait for it to sell. This can take weeks, if not months, and drain your bank account.

In the meantime, you can be stuck paying expenses in your new location, while paying all the expenses for the house you need to sell. The mortagage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance can add up to thousands of dollars every month.

If you sell the house quickly, before it is vacant, you can avoid “Vacancy Insurance”. You may have not heard of it, but when a house goes vacant, there is more that can go wrong. It is more likely to have a fire, break in, or damage, from a furnace shutting off, or water damage. Insurance companies know this, and will charge triple for vacancy insurance.

If you don’t get this specialized insurance, on your house, and just insure a vacant house with regular home insurance, if something goes wrong, and you have to make a claim, your claim can be denied, because you didn’t have the proper insurance for a vacant house on the property.

This can leave you with bills that you never imagined. The triple payment for vacancy insurance can be so much cheaper than paying for the repairs that has been damaged by fire, flood, arson, or a break in.

If you could just get a quick sale in Edmonton, or wherever your house is located in Alberta, how much simpler could it be? Just imagine…getting the house you don’t need sold, quickly, so you no longer need to worry.

How can you move quickly, and still get a good price for your house? Well, there is a way, and it might be even easier than you imagined!

Solution Home Buyers has been buying Alberta homes since 2003, and have solved quick move and sale situations for dozens of homeowners. We specialize in just these types of situations.

We can usually give you not just one, but several options for solving your problem.

It all starts with a quick call to us, or filling out a brief form on our website. From there, we get a few details on your house, so we can do a price estimate.

When you meet with us, we’ll listen carefully to your situation, and will quickly formulate choices that no one else probably told you about.

Even if your house is vacant, we can quickly buy it, and get you the quick, fast sale on the house you want.

You have enough on your mind with a relocation; let us help you take one worry “off your plate!”

We’ve has been solving complicated property problems since 2003, and we can solve yours. We are Edmonton’s Fast Cash Homebuyers.

The Solution to your property problem is only a quick call away! 780-484-6040 is the only number you need, to get a solution that can work for you! Give us a call today!