Our thanks go to you both for the incredibly smooth process you provided for selling our home.

We were not at a crisis point, but we were ready to be done with our house. Our children are out on their own. Yard work and shoveling were becoming more difficult. So, it was time to think about downsizing.However, our home required significant work that would have been both disruptive and expensive. We would likely have needed to move during renovations, and that would not solve our difficulties with the outside work. So, while we wanted to sell, the work required to our house made selling a home on the traditional real estate market very difficult.

Therefore, we were looking for alternatives, and we found a couple of businesses on the web who purchase homes for renovation. Here is where We Buy Houses shines. Not only did you return our initial contact promptly, but quite quickly we set up an appointment for you to come to look at our home. Your warmth and friendly approach during this visit set us at ease as we showed you the unpleasant nooks and crannies of our house. We were surprised to have you not only make an offer that very night, but to essentially share with us your business case for that offer. We quickly negotiated a mutually acceptable price and signed an agreement.

Frankly, we were a bit in shock at how quickly that process moved!

Your assurance of flexibility and quickly clearing your one condition on the offer enabled us to find our new home in a condo. Your flexibility continued as we went through the process of closing our sale transferring utilities, access to the house for the things we forgot, and allowing us to leave behind items that we could not dispose of before we moved. Downsizing, selling and buying can all be stressful experiences. Your warmth and flexibility certainly helped it to be less so for us. We would happily recommend We Buy Houses to others.


Glenn and Sandy K., Edmonton, AB