I cannot believe how quickly you bought my house!  You guys are really the best!

I was totally done emotionally and financially with the house.  It was vacant for two years, and needed some repairs.  I just wanted to move on and start another business.  By getting some quick cash from it, I will be able to open my catering company, serving the military in Cold Lake.

When I needed to sell fast, I went online, and called a few companies like yours.  I met with you and a couple other companies.  You are both so sincere and represented you and the company so professionally!  Out of all the companies I spoke and met with, you were the only company I felt confident with to get this done as fast as I wanted it done.

After meeting you, and going through how you do things, I felt confident you would be able to get it done.  We met late Friday afternoon and I told you I was heading to Mexico on Thursday which was only 4 Business days and I wanted the deal completely cashed out by then.

You didn’t seem fazed by my request, even though I wanted the money from the home in six days, and two of those days were the weekend.  You quickly did up the offer, got it over to the Lawyer, and I just had to go in and sign the documents.

Here we are on Thursday, and I have my money!  You guys are miracle workers!  I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs or wants to sell a house quickly!  I hope you do well with the house.

Thanks so much!

Brian H., Edmonton, Alberta