Thank you for quickly buying my rental house. I had a tenant from hell and he was a huge pain. I dreaded having to deal with him. He wouldn’t pay the rent on time and was smoking in the house, even though I told him it wasn’t allowed.

I wanted to sell so I wouldn’t have to deal with this and other tenants any more and also so I could put the money toward my acreage property. I didn’t want to fix up the house to sell it, and I didn’t want to have to go through listing the house and not knowing when it would sell. I also dreaded having to set up “showings” with Realtors and this tenant.

It was really easy to deal with you. You came and looked at the house, we agreed on a fair price that I was happy with, and you closed the deal. I didn’t have to fix it up, or deal with trying to show it, while I had a tenant in the place.

As I told you, this tenant was terrible. He owed me $2,400 in rent and wouldn’t pay up! You not only delivered on what you promised in buying my house, but in addition you coached me on what to do to get my $2400 of back rent and…a day later, I had the money! Thank you!

I would recommend you guys to anyone who wants or needs to sell fast and doesn’t want to go through all the normal hassles of selling a house. You made everything so easy! I will be happy to get on with my life and not have to deal with this house maintenance or tenant any more!

Thanks for all your help!

Jason A, Edmonton, AB