This letter is to let you know how happy I was to find you and how happy I am with the service you gave me! Please share this with others if you would like.

I was in the same home for over 50 years. My children and husband moved out and it was way to big for one person. I didn’t’ t have the money to fix it up to sell and I had so many things to get rid of! Even the taxes. Insurance and utilities were getting to be too much expense!

Luckily. I was able to find a really nice apartment to move into I but still had the house to deal with. Before meeting you. I was over whelmed with my house, the amount of things I collected over the years and the costs of keeping up the house. I was relieved to see your ad and that you could buy my house without me having to get rid of all my stuff or fix it up to sell.

Once I called you. I felt so relieved that you could help me with my situation. You were friendly and good to deal with, and we were able to work out a fair price – giving me a good nest egg to live on and not having to worry about the house any longer.

Being a senior. my family wanted to make sure everything was covered and above board. You worked with me and explained everything to my children and whole family to ensure that everything was clear I still remember our first meeting where you told me that we would not sign off on a deal until my family had a chance to review it with me.  After reviewing it with my children they gave it the OK when we all realized that you offered us a fair price for my home.

It really helped that you let me choose when I wanted to sell so I could make all the arrangements to sell off some of the things I didn’t want. You even allowed me an extra week after closing to get the things I wanted out of the home.

Overall it has been great dealing with you and I am really glad I was able to sell to you. I would suggest these guys to anyone who wants a quick sale with no hassles

Lillian R, Edmonton, AB