I’m writing this testimonial to anyone thinking of selling their property.

I want to thank you for buying our rental property in Parkdale that we had inherited from my parents. These are especially difficult and uncertain times selling a property in the middle of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a looming recession and an unprecedented National government-mandated order to social distance.

It was my parents’ last wishes in their Will that the proceeds of the sale of this house to directly benefit their grandchildren. Both of my parents passed away from cancer in 2016. My Dad, Samuel, passed away in August and then shortly thereafter my Mom, Lilia, passed away in September. 2016 was an especially uncertain and difficult year like it is this year in 2020. I had strong doubts about whether this year was the right time to sell this house. The house was our first home which my parents toiled to provide for my brother, sister. We had grown up there from 1981-1992 after moving from Kitchener Ontario to chase Alberta’s Oil boom and then bust of the ’80s. We’ve been renting out the house since 1992 and that house had sheltered many families in need of clean, safe and affordable housing. Our house is in one of the maturest neighbourhoods in Edmonton and was built in 1928 at Parkdale. It was too tiresome to maintain, and upkeep in order to rent out again. With its 92 years of age, it needed costly renovations. There were just too many uncertainties and requirements to list it with overly judgmental realtors, who would find it too difficult to sell in these conditions.

It was best for everyone to move forward and not look back. That’s when I decided to call you. I had carefully read the many letters and testimonials from people on how you conduct business. Although there were many similar competing home buying companies that were interested in purchasing our house and had offered a slightly greater price, they just did not have the longstanding record of personal testimonials with their business practices. I felt that they were different in the way they did business. They took the time to listen, to be patient and were not judgmental. Their approach was to make me feel comfortable with how they conduct business by being completely professional, transparent and honest brokers in the negotiation of fair value for the property. They saw the location of the property to ideal as an infill duplex. They were quickly able to find like-minded investors that appreciated the investment potential of developing an infill duplex, located in a mature neighbourhood. I also want to thank Lisa, she helped speed the process by referring me to a reasonably priced surveyor for the Real Property Report on short notice. Overall, this was a good experience. The process was professional, quick, honest and fair. We can now move forward and we’ll find solace in finally fulfilling my parents’ wishes to provide the last gift for their grandchildren. Thank you, it was great working with you!

J.F. Ermube | Edmonton, AB