Work Together With We Buy Houses and Let’s Find a Solution to Your Property Problem

At We Buy Houses Edmonton we listen to our customers.  We have decades of experience working with our customers and understand the needs that they have and find ways in how we can quickly and easily help solve them.  We are genuinely interested in helping you find a solution to your real estate problem.  Maybe it has been months since you  have been trying to sell or looking for a quick and easy solution to your situation.  Don’t let your property situation become more of a burden than what it is now.  Whether it is being behind on payments, divorce, downsizing, an inherited home you cant afford, bad tenants, mounting debt –  we have helped so many in all kids of situations like these and more.  Let’s work together and find a solution for you today!

We understand how frustrating it can be when you feel lost and not sure what is the next best step to take in solving your problem.  We are committed to helping our customers and finding a solution that works for them. We have been through many situations with our customers.  Each situation is unique and that is why we have flexible solutions for your specific need.   We are a transparent family run company and through communication and our commitment in helping you solve your house will build the trust you need during this time.

When you need a quick and easy solution for selling your house, here are some benefits of selling with We Buy Houses Edmonton:

Faster Closing

When you sell a house for cash, you can get money for your home quicker and easier.  This can happen within 10-14 days!  No need to wait to see if your potential buyer is approved by the bank or if the buyer has concerns over the inspection.  Pre-approval does not mean approved.  Take a look here of what the difference is so you can understand the risk of accepting an offer.

“What’s the difference between approval and pre-approval? One word: verification. Pre-approvals are an estimate, not a promise. A pre-approval is a non-binding statement saying, based on a cursory review of your unverified financial status, that you are eligible for a loan up to a certain amount.”

The potential property buyer doesn’t actually get an approval for a mortgage until they have placed an offer on the home.  The lender needs to ensure they qualify for that specific property and have an evaluation of the home to ensure the mortgage isn’t more than the house is worth. If the lender doesn’t approve the buyer, you lose the offer and the house now needs to go back on the market.  You have now wasted time as Realtors typically do not show properties that have a pending offer – not many buyers want to waste their time in a backup offer.

As of 2023, mortgages were taking over a month to complete from start to close. The lender will also require an appraisal of the property to confirm the amount of funds they’re willing to provide, which can cause additional delays.  The lender doesn’t always agree with the amount being offered on the home vs the appraisal which is another risk when listing with a realtor.

All in all, with a cash offer from We Buy Houses Edmonton, we can often close the sale in as few as 7to 10 days. For sellers who need to sell my house fast and get quick cash, this is a huge advantage.

No Repairs or Stagging

Do you feel inundated by all the stuff, repairs and general maintenance that your house needs prior to listing it?  Even just thinking about it can feel daunting.  A study by Coldwell Banker states that 80% of Americans would rather have a move in ready home that doesn’t need any TLC.  It can be more challenging to find a typical or first time home buyer if the house is not move in ready and needs a lot of repairs and renovations.

At We Buy Houses Edmonton, you can skip the repairs, cleaning, junk removal and any of the other required things to do when selling your home traditionally.

Cash-for-homes companies, like We Buy House Edmonton often purchase homes “as is” since they typically have capital or access with expertise to update a house. This removes the repair burden from the seller’s shoulders.

A cash buyer also means you won’t need to preparing your home for showings your home or worry about keeping it tidy for weeks.  Not to mention all the disruptions in your schedule for repeated showings.  The average showings for a house is 10-25! With We Buy Houses it is only the one time in which we meet.

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Reduced Closing Fees

In addition to not having any repair or staging costs, a cash offer from We Buy Houses takes care of any additional closing costs because we are a full service home buyer in Edmonton. Many house buying companies will take over any closing costs in full for the seller.  This can save you up to 7-9% of the sale pric – the largest cost is the realtor commissions! 

Smaller Holding Costs

A cash offer from We Buy Houses will provide immediate relief from any ongoing costs. These costs include utilities, taxes, insurance etc…

Peace of mind

A cash sale will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Typically owners with difficult situations are better off with a cash buyer.  Bills stacking up, extensive repairs, death etc… are all stressful situations.  Here at We Buy Houses we want to give you the peace of mind you need during times like this.  We are here to help with a cash offer so you can put it all behind you and move on.


One of the great things we have heard from the customers of We Buy Houses Edmonton, is our flexibility with closing dates, and being able to leave stuff behind.  Whether you want to move within a week or in a few months, a cash sale from We Buy Houses will give you that option. Sellers who work with a house buying company are most always able to chose their move-out date that works for their specific situation.


Add up all the emotions and financial savings you get with a cash buyer like We Buy Houses Edmonton to see if it is the right option for you.

We want to ensure it is a win-win experience.  When working with We Buy Houses Edmonton,  you’re not only saving money on commissions, unknown fees, holdings costs but also the stress from junk removal, stagging, finding a realtor, and repeated showings.

Fill our our form below or call 780-483-2006 and let’s work together to help you through your property problem.